1President Yang rushed to Lushan Middle School, Lushan Primary School and other schools to visit our school to subsidize students

On October 27, 2014, Yang Licheng, the president of ZHONGYINGREN Education, put down all his work and rushed to Lushan County, Ya'an City, Sichuan Province to get a deep understanding of Lushan Middle School, Longmen Chenyang Hope School, Lushan Primary School, and Lushan Guozhang Middle School in Sichuan Province. Post-disaster reconstruction situation, I visited and expressed condolences to several families and students who had been funded by China Film Education for a long time. After more than a year, how did the children's learning and life change?

      In the early morning of October 27, Mr. Yang arrived at lushan middle school in Sichuan province, where last year's disaster had almost turned the school into ruins. When Mr. Yang returned, the school's new, tidy and comfortable school building was inspiring.

      Afterwards, President Yang came to Lushan Primary School, which was also hit hard last year. Now that he has been repaired, President Yang came to the classroom to listen to the children's classes and saw how hard they studied. Among the children, two of the children with excellent grades received long-term funding for the education of Chinese film students. They were Gaoyujie and Fengsijue. Seeing them again, President Yang was moved. With our help, the children's study and life were very reassuring.


President Yang Licheng took pictures with the children


2President Yang went to Longmen Chenyang School. It's a relief that our school sponsors students.

       On October 28th, President Yang arrived at the Chenyang Hope School in Longmen, Lushan. Just after entering the school gate, there were several familiar figures standing at the door of the classroom. President Weianjing took a closer look. Zhangyujia, Lixiaohong, and Chen Xiaoxian. Three classmates, They had already received the news that President Yang was coming to see them.

       A year and a half later, when President Yang saw several children again, their changes made President Yang almost impossible to recognize. When he learned from the teacher about their achievements, President Yang was even more grateful. Weianjing was the first in the fifth grade class, Zhangyujia was the top five in the sixth grade, and Lixiaohong was the second in the first grade.

       Not only have the children changed, but everything has changed. The neat teaching building and clean canteen are the conditions in which children can study.

3President Yang went go to Lushan County No. 2 Kindergarten to share happiness with the children

       On October 29th, President Yang came to the No. 2 Kindergarten in Lushan County and sent care and warmth to the children there. Under the leadership of Zhaoguofang, he played games with the children and shared their simplest and true happiness.

       Looking at the innocent smile of the children, President Yang was also unable to hide his happiness. When he saw Majunjian and Liuyiyi, President Yang was even more overflowing with love. He always held them in his arms. These two lovely children are also the long-term education of Zhongying. The object of funding.

       Majunjian lost his parents in last year's earthquake. Grandma was the only one left. The poor child became very introverted after the disaster. However, when President Yang picked him up, the little boy did not hesitate. Because he knew that the uncle in front of him was good to him.


4Education is more important than Mount Tai. We dare not neglect it.

On October 30th, ZHONGYINGREN Education Ya'an's public welfare line proceeded to the last day. President Yang once again came to the Chenyang Hope School in Longmen, Lushan. Under the organization of President Yue and Director Yang, the guardians of the eight students funded by ZHONGYINGREN Education have conducted in-depth exchanges on the children's lives and studies, and will work together with Anyang Shenlan High School and other cooperative institutions to provide long-term support for students with excellent quality.. Promise is more than life! Integrity is greater than heaven! Education is based on the integrity of conscience, and the education of ZHONGYINGREN is not only education, but also conscience. Next year, President Yang will visit them, and all the staff of the Chinese film education will also provide long-term support to them. Education is more important than Taishan, and ZHONGYINGREN Education does not dare to neglect

       This morning, President Yang once again came to Lushan Longmen Chenyang Hope School because there were too many stories here last year. Zhaoziwen, Luozijiang, Ren Wenxiao, Yangyan, Wangdongping, Lixiaohong, Zhang, and Zhang, all eight children's families were severely damaged in last year's earthquake, and the Chinese film education decided to provide them with long-term funding. Not only because they are unable to financially complete their studies, but also because of their excellent performance and desire to go to school.

       In addition to the outstanding performance of the children, we are deeply touched by the support of Anyang Deep Blue High School. At this point, ZHONGYINGREN Education and Deep Blue High School have reached a consensus and will hope that Longmen Chenyang hopes that the school has excellent quality but family difficulties. Students carry out long-term funding, Help them realize their dream of studying.

Ludian Love Donation Ceremony

At 16:30 on August 3, 2014, a 6.5-magnitude earthquake occurred in Ludian County(27.1 degrees north latitude and 103.3 degrees East longitude) in Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province, with a depth of 12 kilometers. As of 10:30 on August 6, 2014, preliminary statistics showed that the earthquake affected 1,088,400 people in Ludian County, Qiaojia County, Zhaoyang District, Yongshan County and Huize County, and 589 people died(504 in Ludian County, 72 in Qiaojia County, 1 in Zhaoyang District and 12 in Huize County). Nine people were missing(9 in Qiaojia County) and 2,401 were injured. On August 7, 2014, all students and faculty members of ZHONGYINGREN Education, led by the principal, president Yang, held a charity donation ceremony for the affected people in Ludian, Yunnan Province. Each teacher, student and staff member present gave their own love. The proceeds of the donation will be taken personally by Yang in September to the disaster area and handed directly to the victims.

       On August 7, 2014, all the teachers, students and employees of ZHONGYINGREN Education gathered in Rongyudiantang to pray and make love donations for the affected people in Ludian. The entire ceremony took place in a deep pain. The compatriots feel extremely sad. They have given their own love, hoping to be able to do a little bit of help for the people in the disaster area.

       After the ceremony began, you first watched last year's aid to Ya'an's public welfare video. Afterwards, everyone on the scene stood up and observed the memory of more than 500 victims in Ludian. In just one minute, they carried all your prayers and blessings to the people of Ludian.-May the deceased rest in peace! May the compatriots in the disaster area rebuild their homes as soon as possible!

       At the end of the ceremony, it was donated to the people of the disaster area. President Yang first stood up and donated 10,000 yuan to the affected people. Due to busy work, the teachers of the Beijing Film Academy and the Central Drama Academy failed to come to the scene, but their heart was Ludian.


       ZHONGYINGREN Education Hold Love Donations for the Affected People in Ludian The ceremony raised a total of 24817.9 yuan, although the number is not much, but a little bit of the education of ZHONGYINGREN Education, hoping to allow the affected children to eat more food and enjoy a little warmth, this is the biggest wish for the education of the Chinese film people!

— —Ludian Come on, I 'll see you in September — —

       Time is life, this is the crucial time for rescue and rescue. ZHONGYINGREN Education has already contacted the Education Bureau of Ludian. We will take life supplies to visit the affected students and victims in September this year. At the same time, We also applied to the Ludian County Education Bureau for six to ten students as funding for the education of ZHONGYINGREN. At that time,ZHONGYINGREN Education will also go to Ya'an to visit the 13 students we have been funding and build playgrounds for local schools.

2Our school received a thankful letter from the Education Bureau of Lushan County, Sichuan Province

Thank you letter

On October 31, 2013, six months after the Ya'an earthquake, Yanglicheng, the director of ZHONGYINGREN Education, received a thank you letter from the Lushan County Education Bureau in Ya'an City, Sichuan Province. We express our deep gratitude to the faculty and staff of our school for their lives in the rescue of the affected areas of the Ya'an earthquake on April 26, and for the 7 million donations initiated by our school to help the reconstruction of the infrastructure of the Ya'an Primary and Secondary Schools.

The Lushan County Education Bureau in Sichuan Province said in a thank-you letter that on April 26, 2013, a group of caring people from ZHONGYINGREN Education and Training School visited the Luyang Primary School, Lushan Middle School, and Longmen Chenyang Hope School in our county, respectively. Students who lost their loved ones due to the earthquake and caused family poverty and psychological trauma, Bring them love and comfort, and children together to do games, spiritual communication, encourage children to healthy, brave, strong, happy growth! On October 17, 2013, ZHONGYINGREN Education donated another 2 million yuan worth of sports facilities for the reconstruction of primary and secondary schools in Ya'an. Here, the education Bureau of lushan County, ya 'an city, Sichuan province, expresses sincere respect and sincere thanks to the education Bureau of Haidian district of Beijing and ZHONGYINGREN Education.

Science and education rejuvenate the country and lay the foundation for education. This is not a fashion and trend, but a real measure and behavior. For those who have become rich and do not forget education, have a heart of education, and love students, ZHONGYINGREN Education and love people are true actions. As always, you are interested in and supportive of education ... The significance of this kind of loving action is not only in material and financial assistance, but also in spiritual encouragement and promotion ... Our chief designer of reform and opening up, Comrade Deng Xiaoping, said: Give love to education. The person dedicated to the next generation is the happiest person in the world! May you be the happiest people in the world!

-- Lu Shan County Education Bureau, Sichuan Province October 25, 2013

ZHONGYINGREN Education, Love in heart, practice in deed

At 3 PM on May 25th, 2014, the future was awakened-True Love Dream 2013 News Conference was opened at the grand opening of the Beijing Fortune Mansion. Yanglicheng,the president of ZHONGYINGREN Education, and Wangtianqiao, the president of Stegosaurus Education Technology Co., Ltd. attended the conference. The conference was hosted by the Shanghai True Love Dream Community Foundation. The conference lasted for nearly two hours and the atmosphere of the venue was very strong. The conference was mainly divided into four processes: theme speech, fundraising strategy, development strategy, and theme speech. They were delivered by Chairman Panjiangxue, Chairman of the Fund Development Committee Liuman, Wuchong Liuman, Secretary-General Wuchong, and Wangjifei, Chairman of the Strategic Development Committee. Speech.

       Shanghai True Love Dream Public Welfare Foundation is a public welfare organization initiated and operated by professional managers of financial institutions and listed companies. Since its official establishment on August 14, 2008, True Love Dream has received more than 1,500 institutions and individuals. Donations, donations totaling more than 163 million yuan. The mission of true love dreams is to help children grow up confidently, calmly and with dignity, and to work to improve the imbalance in China's education. By systematically providing public goods and services to help children, whether from remote villages or urban migrant workers, to explore the wider world and more possibilities in life based on self-awareness, Philanthropy should bring possibilities, not outcomes.

       This time, our school and Stegosaurus Education Technology Co., Ltd. jointly participated in the charity conference. The education is the foundation of the country's development. ZHONGYINGREN Education “Love in heart, practice in deed” carries out the public welfare of love to the end, and contributes its own strength to the Chinese dream.