"In the movie people craftsmanship, art heart one idea". On September 1, Yang licheng, chairman of China film education group, chairman of China arts alliance association and young entrepreneur, appeared on CCTV and received a special interview from famous host zhu xun. Art education is one of the industries with the greatest potential for development in China in the 21st century. This interview, Mr. Yang licheng in the film education for the new pattern of art education and training, the general trend, for the majority of art candidates opened the Chinese art test training industry mysterious veil!

Interview video

【Guest profile】

Li-cheng Yang

Chairman of China film education group, chairman of China art association,
Executive director, wenying cornerstone group

In June 2004, I was admitted to art college of henan university with the first place in fine arts single enrollment of henan university in jiangsu province. He joined the communist party of China in October 2007. During the university period, the school shall be formally approved by the state education department. Adhering to the "school management by teachers win, education based on the integrity of conscience" school philosophy, responsible for the overall work of the organization.

According to statistics, Beijing film academy, central academy of drama and Shanghai theatre academy registered 30,400, 29,500 and 22,000 applicants respectively in 2016, among which the most popular performing department registered 170:1, 136:1 and 200:1 respectively. In the face of such fierce competition in the arts examination every year. China's art training industry has gradually emerged from the market and is growing rapidly at a rate of more than 30% per year. It is predicted that in the next five to ten years, the art education market will grow to a scale of hundreds of billions of yuan and become one of the industries with the most development potential in China in the 21st century.

● Zhu xun: general Yang heard that you were an art examinee. What major did you study?

Yang: well... At that time is 04 level art examinee, art major.

● Zhu Xun:That your professional ability should be very strong, how did not go art this road goes down all the time, did you make education now instead?

Yang:Because I was an art candidate at that time, I came to nanjing three times to study for professional courses, the whole process is unforgettable for me. Actually everybody knows, art takes an examination of no matter what direction you study actually, need to prepare your major course in advance, however art takes an examination of remedial class all is fish and dragon jumble, uneven, no matter be from teacher on, teaching, have very big drawback. So, talented students, suffering from no formal tutorial classes and be lost. During my college years, I served as the President of the youth volunteers association of henan university, from more than 3,000 volunteers at the beginning to more than 23,000 volunteers. During my undergraduate years, I began to plan the problems of each school, select its essence and discard its dredges. At that time, when I looked at the state of art test market, I found that China's art test training was a blank spot with no progress at all, and I needed to improve it. Therefore, I applied to the national education department for formal education in combination with experts and teachers from the school of art and school of journalism and communication of henan university. At that time, I established the first art examination training school -- giant training, which was the first one officially approved by the national education department in kaifeng. According to the process I organized and planned, I cultivated thousands of students. With years of understanding and precipitation of the art examination industry, I want to change the disadvantages of China's art examination industry, so I founded the Chinese film education in Beijing.

● Zhu Xun:Art test is not easy, especially in recent years, the admission rate is lower than the general type of exam. The intensity of competition is not less than the ordinary college entrance examination, or even worse. Why do you think there are so many students who want to take the art exam every year?

Yang: actually according to the statistics of recent few years, art examinee shows the situation that increases year by year really is rising ceaselessly. First of all, it is related to our society. The economic foundation determines the superstructure. Everyone has his/her own pursuit and different paths to choose. Of course, as the country attaches great importance to education, more parents pay attention to the comprehensive cultivation of children. When parents find that their children have attainments in an art, they must first support the pursuit and ideas of children, so these people naturally embarked on the road of art examination. There have been some parents think that arts candidates as ordinary students good academic performance, in fact, this is a very wrong understanding, the definition of talent in society is not only good academic performance. Undeniably, arts exam really can be a way to the school, in fact you have found, Peking University, tsinghua university, National People's Congress of such colleges and universities also have the arts college, so, you can say that the children go to tsinghua is not good, on the contrary, these children because of the love of art to pay several times more than ordinary students sweat, in addition to the professional art colleges, can also choose to comprehensive university college of art, and art belong to the early acceptance batches, does not affect the normal college entrance examination admission, rather than other candidates before to attend the university entrance exam a second chance, this way can enter university of probability is bigger. From the perspective of employment prospects, we must be larger than the students from ordinary colleges and universities, because you have more spiritual architecture and more employment orientation. The employment space for students majoring in liberal arts or science is very narrow after graduation, while the art industry is often not affected by this environment.

● Zhu xun: there are many art training schools in China. What is the core competitive advantage of film education?

Yang:In my school more than ten years, I have always been adhering to the. Running a school depends on the management of teachers to win, education based on conscience and integrity. School philosophy.

First of all,We have a militarized system of governance. To ensure the learning time and personal safety of students.

The second,Strong guarantee for teachers of famous schools. The guidance of an expert means that one has succeeded in half of the art exam. Therefore, I spare no effort to invite famous teachers and experts from top universities in China to teach in our school. So my so-called experts and teachers are all from famous schools such as zhongxi, zhongchuan, beidian, junyi, beiwu and Beijing normal university. Our tutors are almost always from several art universities, so we can better teach students about the art test and their practical experience in school.

The third,We have our own exclusive professional textbooks. Teaching material is by our expert famous division team, according to each school's examination spot hot spot, carefully analyzes each year's art examination true question to compile.

Fourth, strict teacher training. There are more than 100 full-time teaching staff in China film education. Every staff member receives strict teacher training regularly.

Fifth, advantaged location advantage. Our three campuses are respectively adjacent to the three famous schools of zhongxi, beiwu and zhongchuan, so that students can feel the atmosphere of famous schools in their daily study. Students often joke that the education of Chinese film talents is equivalent to entering the famous schools with one leg.

Sixth, restrict enrollment and control the quality of students. This year, 520 students are limited to five majors, including 150 performers, 120 choreographers, 120 hosts, 100 dancers and 30 musicals. At the same time, China film education to build a team of 100 famous teachers, students than the control of 1:5, and strive to let each student can be more professional guidance in the field of correct.

● Zhu Xun:You just talked about the faculty, and a lot of other training schools will say that they have these college faculty resources as well, and even some training institutions will tell the students that if they can pass the exam, can the film education be done?

Yang:We cannot solve this problem. Of course, this is what I want to say most. This warranty has violated article 24 of China's advertising law. Now, why do some people in the industry often do so? It is because they seize the psychology of parents and students to achieve the purpose of swindling money, and this is exactly a kind of ugliness in the industry, a vicious competition. In fact, in the examination, the school can completely take the random form, no matter the examination room or student number, and now the art examination process is the whole process of video, test results data is also multiple backup by different people, mutual check, it is impossible to tamper with the results. So don't believe it. Promise to protect; This scam. The way to success is: 1% smart and 99% diligent, nothing can be achieved without pains. Still have a few groom class is on-the-job undergraduate student oneself do, I am thinking your oneself major has not done not settle, what capital goes teaching others?

● Zhu Xun:You talk about this I want to remember, what a few years ago seem to have a news to say is the art that has such an art kind takes an examination of groom class, a student collects 8000 yuan groom fee, close study groom 3 months, but less than a month groom class closed down, the person that run a class rolls hundreds of thousands to run a road. This phenomenon does exist and really irritates people. What should students pay attention to to avoid being cheated?

Yang zong: actually I suggest parents and children go to inspect teaching environment and place first, inspect the teacher team of a school next whether abundant, management team whether perfect, and want clear school every year recruit students circumstance and examinee admit a circumstance, do not blindly coduce cheap, blindly listen to the false promise that had protected and so on. The current situation of training institutions is large, small, and no teaching system and faculty size. Many training schools do not have any certificate, lack of supervision and management, failure after the rights, so we must choose large, formal training schools.

● Zhu xun: that our school is national Ministry of Education formal approval do be? Where is the school district? How big is the floor space?

Yang:The predecessor of China film education is Beijing film and television school, which was registered and established in 2002. & ndash; Beijing film studio, the school has been established for 15 years, in 2014 officially changed its name to Chinese film education. Due to the demolition of the original site, China film education is now moving the whole school to changping district, wudu water city, located in the central academy of drama on the opposite 100 meters, the same year, the establishment of the campus, chaoyang district communication university of China media elite headquarters, is now moved to Beijing chaoyang district communication university subway station C to the west 100 meters (jindi cultural innovation center). Beimu campus was established in 2016, located in guangyuan building, haidian district. The three campuses of Chinese film education -- Chinese drama, Chinese legend and northern dance -- cover an area of 20,000 square meters. The campus has convenient transportation and superior geographical location, and the campus and surrounding environment are very elegant and the artistic atmosphere is also very strong .

● Zhu Xun:We have just talked about the chaotic market competition in the art exam training industry. In addition, I believe that what students are particularly concerned about is the training quality of the training school.

Yang:We have achieved outstanding results in the art examination every year. Since 2014, our school has cultivated 21 national top yuan, 9 national second place, 6 national flower exploration, students are all over the famous schools of Chinese opera, nortel, beiwu, Chinese opera, Shanghai opera, zhejiang opera, military art, national opera and so on. In the 2017 art examination, our school has obtained more than 530 valid certificates, among which 7 national champion dancers were born. Performance professional birth of 6 national champion! Broadcasting major in the transfer school examination in the harvest of three provincial champion! Director professional birth of 6 provinces and cities champion! Musical professional born 4 national champion! And four consecutive years of harvest north dance champion, three consecutive years topped the list in the drama!

● Zhu xun: what do you think is the reason for these achievements?

Yang:In addition to the advantages of teaching staff, management system, teaching materials and location that I have just mentioned, I think the most important thing is that every faculty member of our film education treats film education like his or her own home. Our teaching staff, there is temperature, there is responsibility, there is pay, there is understanding. I think whether to do education or do business, in fact, they are in life. The idea of running a school with conscience has been deeply impressed in the hearts of every employee of our studio. Always for the sake of children, always responsible for children, is the mission of every Chinese film staff education. The children have developed a deep bond with the teachers. I remember to have a chat with a student, with tears in her eyes, that you're going to dance professional class the next day, but because of body reason have not been able to prepare fully, temporary change of music, we dance academy Yu Jiang teacher, make new music, accompany the students to stay up late again and again the rehearsal, the students played very well in the exam. There are many stories about teachers who do not give back to students like this. I think it is the serious and responsible teaching staff of our film people education, diligent and conscientious, and only in return for the excellent results of students.

● Zhu xun: how do you think the art training and education market will develop in the future?

Yang:Art training education has begun to take shape in China. The reform of art education in various provinces and cities has been continuously promoted, and policies have been issued to support and encourage primary and secondary schools to carry out art education. About art education issues as the two fermentation, as well as jiangsu and other provinces and cities art education into an examination of the New Deal officially fall to the ground, around will actively implement further encourage the arts education policy, art education is expected to be a nationwide examination, the arts students points or will continue to promote art education of primary and secondary schools or gradually become rigid requirements. According to shandong's latest college entrance examination plan, the new college entrance examination will be launched in 2017. Two bases and one reference; Form, the comprehensive quality that references a student evaluates, this also shows, artistic assessment will be linked with entrance examination for secondary school or college. In my opinion, art education is an important part of quality education and will become the main driving direction of national policies. In the future, the market demand for art education and training will also be greatly increased.

The prospect of art training is bright, but there are also practical problems. For example, the scale, specialization, teacher-orientation and management experience of a lot of training education need to be improved, and there is no profound understanding of the general trend of changes in the art examination industry. In order to standardize and lead the art training education market, we hope that in the next few years, Chinese film people can set an example in the art test training sector, and strive to shape a brand of art test training symbol.

● Zhu xun: 15 years of entrepreneurship, along the way is not easy, the most difficult thing at the beginning of the establishment of training school do you remember?

Yang:In fact, it is very difficult for every entrepreneur to go all the way. For example, in the early stage of running a school, the school gradually expanded in size and faced some management problems. Running a school from henan to Beijing, facing a new environment, also encountered some unpleasant things. But I always feel that only the strong can struggle in the storm of fate, as the saying goes: bao jianfeng from the hone out, plum blossom fragrance from the bitter cold.

●Zhu xun: is there anyone you'd like to thank?

Yang:What I am most grateful for is, of course, my mentor, not only my art teacher in those years, but also the teacher in my university, who has always remembered my help in my profession and life. Secondly, my team, thank them for their continued support of my work, their valuable advice, to the entire enterprise and I are a valuable asset. Once again, I would like to express my gratitude to the students and parents who supported me, who made my dream of conscience education come true. I would also like to express my gratitude to my family and my wife, who have been with me all the way since I started my business.

● Zhu Xun:What are the plans for the future of art education?

Yang:I hope that through the establishment of the film education brand, for the Chinese arts training career do a brand, I will always adhere to their own school philosophy: “ Running a school depends on the management of teachers to win, education based on conscience and integrity. , let more have dream art examinee, enter oneself ideal university! In film education is always the arts candidates the most broad harbor!