• Qian XuegeZHONGYINGREN Education Honorary Dean of Performance Academy

    The predecessor of the Chinese film industry, a professor at the Beijing Film Academy. Professor Qian was highly respected and admired. In 1960, he graduated from the Department of Performing Arts of the Beijing Film Academy. In the same year, he stayed in school to teach and served as a teacher and graduate tutor of the Performing Arts Department of the Film Academy. In the 40 years of Xingtan's cultivation, Professor Qian trained a large number of well-known overseas film and television stars. Among the students, there are also celebrities at the master level. At the same time, he is also a member of the China Film Association, the first vice president, director, deputy secretary-general of the China Film Performing Arts Society, a member of the China Film Directors Association, and a member of the China Television Artists Association.

  • Mi ZengZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    an associate professor, graduated from the Department of Performing Arts at Shanghai Theatre Academy. He is the director of the Performance Teaching and Research Department of the "Shangxi" Performing Arts Department, deputy secretary of the Party Branch of the Performing Arts Department, and deputy director of the Performing Arts Department. He was an outstanding art teacher in Shanghai and an outstanding communist in the Shanghai education system. Shanghai Academy of Drama advanced outstanding Communist Party members and other honors.

  • Ma ShuyunZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    Professor of the Department of Performing Arts, Central Academy of Drama, doctoral tutor. Professor Ma graduated from a master's degree in literature and art in 1990. She is currently a performance teacher in the Department of Performing Arts and director of the postgraduate teaching and research office. Academic review expert, Central Academy of Drama.

  • Liu ShibingZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    Professor of Beijing Film Academy, Deputy Secretary-General of China Film Performing Society, Deputy Director of the Education Professional Committee of China Film and Television Arts and Technology Association(Society).

  • Xu YanZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    Famous voice actor, professor of Beijing Film Academy, teacher of performance department, director department, high vocational dubbing class, famous actor Huang Boen teacher.

  • Li ZhiweiZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    Master of Performing Arts of the Central Academy of Drama, member of the Chinese Dramatists Association and Beijing Dramatists Association, member of the Chinese Television Association. Served as a teacher of Chinese film education lines.

  • LiuJian ZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    Born in 1949 in a cadre family in Changsha, Hunan Province. Chinese film actor. After graduating from secondary school, he was assigned to the Capital Steel Plant as a choreographer. Amateur has studied Chinese folk dance and art characters. In September 1978, he was admitted to the performing teacher class of the Beijing Film Academy. After graduating in 1980, he stayed in school as a performing teacher. Amateur still engaged in film and television performance practice.

  • FunZheng ZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    Graduated from the Director Department of the Central Academy of Drama and served as a professional teacher of the Central Academy of Drama Vocational College, director of Guangdong TV Station, and director of the CCTV Legal Channel. Editing the Academy for Performing Arts film and television performance script collection, in the long-term film and television production and teaching work accumulated a lot of practical experience.

  • Zhao zhong xiangZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    The first Chinese male announcer has been engaged in broadcasting and hosting art for more than 50 years. In 1959, Zhao Zhongxiang entered the predecessor of China Central Television's Beijing TV station as an announcer; In 1979, Zhao Zhongxiang interviewed President Carter of the United States during Deng Xiaoping's visit to the United States and became the first reporter of the People's Republic of China to enter the White House to interview the President of the United States. Since 1984, he has hosted 12 Spring Festival evenings.

  • Li XiaohuaZHONGYINGREN Education Honorary Dean of Broadcasting and Hosting Academy

    ZHONGYINGREN Education Honorary Dean of Broadcasting and Hosting Academy Former Dean of the Broadcasting Academy of Communication University of China, Dean of the former Graduate School, Professor of Communication University of China, Doctoral Supervisor, Honorary Dean of the School of Education, Broadcasting and Hosting. He is currently the director of the discipline construction office and the former dean of the graduate school. Graduated from the former Beijing Broadcasting Institute with a master's degree in broadcasting, Master of Arts; He graduated from the Chinese Department of Peking University with a doctorate in literature.

  • Zhang HuiZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    Associate professor of the Academy of Broadcasting Arts, national Putonghua level tester. He has been engaged in radio and television broadcasting work and broadcasting seven professional teaching work for more than 40 years, and has trained many excellent broadcasters and hosts such as Jing Yidan.

  • Li JiangZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    Central people's radio broadcasting guidance. For many years, Li has served as the anchor of major news programs such as the "News and Newspaper Summary" and "National News Network" of the Central Television Station. Member of the National Broadcasting Professional Professional Title Review Committee. Distinguished professor of communication University of China, national test examiner of Mandarin level.

  • Wang Wei ZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    Broadcasting director, "Chief announcer" of Beijing People's Broadcasting Station, was awarded the title of "Top Ten announcer and host" by Beijing Radio. National level and Beijing level test examiner, Beijing Radio and TV broadcast series senior professional title review committee members. Provincial excellent journalists. Her works have won the first prize(government award) and national and provincial awards for the Chinese Broadcasting and Hosting Works Award, and several professional papers have been published in national publications.

  • Du Qing ZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    Graduated from the Department of Journalism of the Beijing Broadcasting Institute in 1965 and later worked on radio and television stations. In 1979, Professor Du was transferred to the Broadcasting Department of Beijing Broadcasting Institute to engage in professional teaching work.Member of the Chinese Arts Medical Association, Press Society, Broadcasting and Hosting Arts Society.

  • Hu Ke ZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    Master of Arts in Broadcasting hosted by Communication University of China, lecturer of the Central Propaganda Department, lecturer of broadcasting training of the Hebei Radio and Television Bureau, teacher of the Beijing Modern Music Academy, part-time teacher of the School of Remote and Continuing Education of Communication University of China, and successively served as CCTV, Beijing. TV station and other program hosts, 2012 Golden Eagle Award for outstanding literary show host, "Master Kang instant noodles", "Qingdao Beer Advertising" and a large number of dubbing works.

  • Chen Xi ZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    Graduated from China Communication University with a master's degree in broadcasting and worked at the Central Television News Center. At present, Mrs.Chen is an expert judge of Dong Qing's "Long Reader" column and is also the host of the "New Three Boards" financial program.

  • Jia Hongxiang ZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    Graduated from China Communication University Broadcasting Host; State-level announcer and host of the Central People's Broadcasting Station; He is a professional broadcasting teacher at the Modern Conservatory of Music; He used to be a radio professional teacher at Nanjing Art Institute; Strong broadcasting skills, familiar with all types of manuscript reading and processing skills. Especially good at dubbing creation; The dubbing representative works include the film and television drama "Resident Evil 2", "The Name of the Name", "007", "Great Dunhuang", "The Condor Heroes" and so on.

  • Zhao Qi ZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    Master of Arts, Peking University, National Education Science "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" 2013 Ministry of Education key project participants. Zhao graduated from Communication University of China with a bachelor's degree in literature and law. Zhao is currently a special lecturer at the Higher Vocational College, Continuing Education College, and Training College of Communication University of China; Beijing Modern Conservatory of Music, Tianjin Institute of Sports and Cultural Arts and many other universities broadcast professional teachers.

  • Zhou Mu ZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    Master of Radio and Video Broadcasting, Communication University of China, Program Host of Economics, Central People's Broadcasting Station. Professional teacher of broadcasting Department of Beijing modern music Institute. Distinguished teacher of Phoenix college, China media University. Zhou used to be a professional teacher of the Department of Language Communication at Nanguang College of Communication University of China, and a professional teacher of the training class for the reporter type of the Academy of Film and Television Arts of Communication University of China; Zhou has served as a program host and dubbing job for CCTV, Beijing People's Broadcasting Station, and Xinhua News Agency.

  • Hu Ke ZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    The doctoral tutor in film aesthetics at Communication University of China and a master's tutor in film theory at the China Film Art Research Center. Member of the Chinese Film Association, director of the Film Review Society, director and deputy secretary-general of the Taiwan Film Research Association of China, director of the Xia Yan Film Society, and editor of the "Contemporary Film" magazine.

  • Li RuiZHONGYINGREN Education Honorary Dean of Directing Academy

    Doctor of Chinese Film, and Professor Liangming, a famous photographer and director of the fifth generation of Chinese films. There are many personal works, including the documentary "Beijing High Building" selected for the Beijing University Film Festival, and several articles. He taught at Capital Normal University and served as a film creative teacher.

  • Wu YingjieZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    Director of the Central Academy of Drama, Ph.D., with many years of experience in the arts examination. Wu taught for a long time in Chinese film education and was deeply loved by students. Wu's analysis of the film is comprehensive. The clues and scenes of the movie, how the film critics can be written, and how to catch people's attention.

  • Zhao JianxinZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    He graduated from the Central Academy of Drama and worked at the China Drama Publishing House. He later transferred the "Drama Art" of the Chinese Opera Academy as a editor and served as an undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. Representative works: The movie "Dragon City Selling Smoke"(2006 Movie Channel), TV series "Poor World Father and Mother"(premiered in 2007), "Undercurrent"(premiered in 2007), "The Legend of White Medicine"(published in 2012).

  • Liu Enyi ZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    Doctor of the Director Department of the Central Academy of Drama, lecturer of the Beijing Academy of Performing Arts, and lecturer of the former Inner Mongolia Art Institute.

  • Wang Mingcheng中 ZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    Bachelor graduated from the Department of Film and Television Media, School of Art and Media, Beijing Normal University; Graduate student graduated from Communication University of China with a master's degree in film. He is engaged in film history research and screenwriter work and currently teaches "Film Analysis" courses.

  • Tan Zhaoxia ZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    Master of Communication University of China, focusing on television art program creation and journalism. She has participated in planning, directing, and participating in large-scale evenings and events at the national, provincial, and municipal levels. She has served as a planner and director of programs such as CCTV, Liaoning TV, Dragon TV, China Education TV, and Changsha TV.

  • Meng Xainming ZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    A writer and folklorist at the School of Arts in Henan Province, president of the Children's Literature Society of Henan Province, and adjunct professor at Henan University. There are more than a dozen novels such as "binoculars", "Great Powers", "Children studying", more than 20 film and television scripts, and 3 monographs. His works have won dozens of international and domestic awards.

  • Han Shuai ZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    Master of Film and Television Department of the Central Academy of Drama, China's cutting-edge young director, representative works include "Sulike", "Terrorist", "99", "Love of Shaoguan", "Tony and Mingming", etc.. Into the transformation of 2014-10 ten college director venture capital plan "top ten.

  • 毛美娜

    Mao Meina ZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    Ph.D., National University of the Philippines, external experts from the School of Social Sciences and Media, Boren University, Thailand, visiting scholars from domestic universities of Beijing Normal University, and secretary and associate professor of the Party branch of the Department of Performing Arts of Beijing United University.

  • 杨天东

    Yang Tiandong ZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    Doctor of Cinematography, Communication University of China.

  • 潘志涛

    Pan ZhitaoZHONGYINGREN Education Honorary Dean of Dance Academy

    Professor, Beijing Dance Academy Graduated from Beijing Dance School, Professor, Master Tutor, Deputy Director of the Academic Committee of Beijing Dance Academy. Director of the Expert Committee of the Chinese National Folk Dance Examination Center and editor-in-chief of the textbook editorial board. Enjoy special allowances from the State Council, members of the Communist Party of China. He is the president of Guangdong Dance School and vice chairman of Guangdong Dance Association. He once served as the head of the Chinese Dance Department of Beijing Dance Academy and a member of the Chinese Dance Association.

  • 滕爱民

    NIan YunhuaZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    Main creative experience: The dance drama "Gan Gong Bird" director drama "Butterfly Mother" director experimental theater "Elephant Yi Nian" director drama "Yun Jiu Zhang" director Yang Liping large-scale dance drama "Peacock" executive director and choreographer served as the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games The closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games The core director of the closing ceremony has repeatedly won the Tao Li Cup Dance Competition at the Wenhua Art Academy. He won the National Dance Competition and the Lotus Cup Dance Competition respectively. He won the CCTV TV Dance Competition Performance Award and the CCTV TV Sketch Competition Best Director Award.

  • 孟昭瑞

    Meng ZhaoruiZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    Chinese People's Liberation Army Art Institute professor, Chinese People's Liberation Army Art Academy dance educator, teaching age more than 50 years! He has won the Outstanding Gardener Award in the Tao Li Cup Competition many times and won the gold medal for the entire army.

  • 姜振良

    Jiang ZhenliangZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    He graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy and taught for 40 years. He is an associate professor at the Beijing Dance Academy, a senior lecturer in the Chinese Dance Department of the North Dance Department, and a teaching director of the Chinese Film Education and Dance Academy.

  • 吕艺生

    Lv YishengZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    Famous dancer, aesthetician, founder of a large-scale sports evening party, and one of the founders of Chinese musicals.

  • 王小燕

    Wang XiaoyanZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    Graduated from Jilin Art School and won dozens of awards in national and provincial dance competitions. National first-class actor, vice chairman of Jilin Song and Dance Theatre Group Co., Ltd., concurrently artistic director, chairman of Jilin Provincial Dancers Association, vice chairman of China Dancers Association.

  • 迟君

    ChiJunZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    Professor of art academy of the people's liberation army of China.

  • 董丽馨

    Dong LixinZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    The Central National Song and Dance Ensemble is a famous Bai dancer, a member of the Chinese Dance Association, a member of the Chinese Ethnic Dance Society, and the first student of the Dance Department of the Central Ethnic College. During the school period, Dong participated in the dance drama "Liangshan Great Change" as the main actor. In 65 years, she graduated with honors and entered the Central National Song and Dance Ensemble as a solo dancer and lead dancer. She served as a teacher and teacher in the dance college class jointly organized by the Central University for Nationalities and Beijing Normal University. At the same time, she also taught at various art colleges.

  • 夏小虎

    Xia XiaohuZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    contemporary famous Chinese dancer, deputy secretary general of Chinese dancers association.

  • 古楞

    GuLeng ZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    Gu leng, young dancer.

  • 肖富春

    XiaoFuChun ZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    Xiao fuchun, young dancer

  • 汪子涵

    Wang Zihan ZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    He graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy with a master's degree in classical dance performance and is currently an actor in the Beijing Dance Academy Youth Dance Company. Member of the 10th National Committee of the Chinese Federation of Literary and Art Circles. He has won the National Dance Competition Performance Gold Award, the National Lotus Cup Competition "Performance Gold Award" and the "Organizing Committee Special Award." His masterpieces include the dance "The Desert", "The Red Cliff", "Qinwangdianbing", the dance drama "Silk Road Flower Rain", "Butterfly Lovers", "Shaolin in the Wind", "Water Moon Luo Shen", "Zhucheng Ji" and "Gobi Youth".

  • 唐诗逸

    Tang Shiyi ZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    Graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy and is currently the chief actor of the China Opera and Dance Theatre. Tang has won gold medals many times in large-scale domestic dance competitions. Representative works: "The Rain and the Orchid" and "The Sentiment is Endless." Since graduating, she has served as the heroine of many large-scale dance dramas in China, representing dance drama works: "Water Moon", "Confucius" and "Silk Sea Dream". In 2015,Tang won the title of "Super Dancer" in the "Chinese and American Dance Forest Competition" hosted by CCTV.

  • 殷硕

    Yin shuo ZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    Yin shuo, young dancer.

  • 朱晗

    Zhu Han ZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    Young dancer, chief dancer of Beijing Song and Dance Theatre. In 2006 graduated from the classical dance Department of Beijing Dance Academy. Since 2006, he has starred in the Beijing Song and Dance Theatre. He has starred in the lead in the large-scale original dance poetry "Full of Wind". The 2008 BTV Spring Festival Evening Dance "Fay Dance Auspiciousness" is one of the lead dances. In the 2008 Beijing Olympics major cultural event performance drama "Silk Road Flower Rain" decorated with "Douhu". In 2014, he participated in the "China Good Dance" program competition.

  • 玉米提

    Yumiti ZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    The dancer and singer, Uygur, was born in Urumqi, Xinjiang. He graduated from the People's Liberation Army Art Academy at the 99th level(Xinjiang class) and is currently working in the Song and Dance Ensemble(formerly the General Political Song and Dance Ensemble) of the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission. During the period of performing arts, he has won gold medals in international and domestic dance competitions several times and has won second and third grades twice. He has performed many overseas performances with the head of state, participated in major performances at home and abroad, and boarded CCTV's Spring Festival Gala several times. Stage.

  • 金洋

    Jin yang ZHONGYINGREN Distinguished Professor

    Beijing Dance Academy's first Chinese musical drama actor, Master of Popular Dance at Trinity College in London, England, international professional dancers, teachers and judges. He worked for the Royal International Pop Dance Company of the United Kingdom and the T-Stone Dance Company of Los Angeles. After returning home, he served as a pop dance teacher at the Beijing Dance Academy. He is currently the director of the National Culture Ministry evening party director, and concurrently serves as artistic director and dance consultant such as Taiwan Pink Fashion Development Co., Ltd., Singapore International Chinese Art Development Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Emperor Performing Arts Entertainment Creativity Co., Ltd., and Beijing New Thinking Model Company.

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